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Welcome Mail Dealers and Opportunity Seekers
Advertising Bargains

Order any item on this page from; and payable to: Leo Don Keller, 804 E. Taylor St., Attica, IN 47918-1238 

Send Check or Money Order. Payable in US Funds. Foreign Orders ADD $5.00 POSTAGE. Thank You.

Your 1" Camera Ready Ad placed in the "Southern Daze" Adsheet (20,000 Circulation)for only $10.00 ~ 2" Ad -$20.00, 50% thereafter. Free Acknowledgment ~ Free Checking Copy!!

We will place your 1" Camera Ready Ad in "Donna's Ads" (15,000 Circulation) for $9.00 ~ 2" Ad -$18.00, 50% thereafter. Free Acknowledgment ~ Free Checking Copy!

Your One Inch Camera Ready Ad Printed and Mailed to 10,000 Circulation for only $5.00 and two first class stamps. (you will also receive a Free Dealership paying you $4.00 on all orders you secure.) All future orders cost you $1.00 plus two first class stamps. PLUS,
posted on a high traffic website for Six Months. A FREE Acknowledgment and checking copy is always sent.
ADVERTISERS ~ Check This Out!!! No Bull Ads! We Discovered a 5,000 Circulation Tabloid that will Professionally Typeset your 35 words (or less) per inch and run your Ad in Three Consecutive Issues. Total Circulation 15,000. 1 Inch Ad - $15.00; 2 Inch Ad - $20.00; 3 Inch AD - $25.00. Free Acknowledgment and Checking Copies. Send ad copy and payment today!

ONE YEAR CIRCULATION ~ 10,000 Monthly Circulation. ~ Checking Copies Every Month! ~ 1" Ad - $20.00; 2" Ad - $30.00; 3.5 x 5" Ad - $40.00; 8.5 x 11 Ad - $100.00 per side. Free 50% Dealership with your order. Only the Best Price for You!!

INCA GOLD ~ 10,000 Monthly Circulation. Camera Ready Ads Only! 1" Ad - $2.00 plus 4 first class stamps; 2" Ad - $3.00 plus 4 first class stamps. Free Dealership!! Only the Best Price for you!!

SUPER SPECIAL!! ~ We will place your 1" Camera Ready Ad in 100,000 Circulation for only $16.00. Free 50% Dealership ~ Free Acknowledgment and Checking Copy. ~ Not an Endless Advertiser ~ Real Adsheets!

Southern Daze Adsheet-20,000
The Bayou Advertiser-3,000
Dees Ads-15,000
Carolina Peddler-100,000
Please send 5 camera ready ads
(includes 1,000 bonus circulation)
1" - $38.00 2" - $77.00
Acknowledgement, five checking
copies and a FREE 50% dealership!!!

Your 1 inch camera-ready ad in 5 Tabloids with a total circulation of 30,000 for only $25.00. Send 5 ads and $25.00. Free Acknowledgement and Checking Copy from Publishers.

ADVERTISE IN / CO-PUBLISH   "THE EYE OPENER" 25,000+ CIRCULATION!! AD RATES ~ C/R ONLY! 1" AD...$16.00;  2" AD...$22.00;...3" AD...$26.00:  4" AD...$32.00.   CO-PUBLISHING RATES ~ Full rate first time - 50% Thereafter. 50 FREE Mailing Copies. CO-PUBLISHER BONANZA! Each issue two lucky co-publishers names are drawn to have copies P&M with them as co-publishers. Send your order today and get ths Fantastic Deal.

"Only the "MINT" can make money without Advertising" ~ ADVERTISE ~ ADVERTISE ~ ADVERTISE!!!

Make payments payable to Leo Don Keller or Priscilla Keller.

Remit by Check or Money Order in US funds!

More offers listed here as received.

In this area, we might include any disclaimers or special guidelines.